The PC has never heard real 3D audio until Cavern. From now, you can put your speakers anywhere, even on the ceiling or the floor, Cavern will make movies and Cavern-equipped games work with it. Cavern can be set up to work properly for any studio setup, home theater, actual cinema, and even stage.

Watch your movies with full spatial audio

Cavern offers a variety of tools to convert any audio to any speaker setup, even in real time. This process, Cavernize, has a demo in the Cavern driver (for laf, wav, or ogg currently), has a VST version for system-wide processing called Cavern Splitter, and a full FFmpeg-based converter with both drag-and-drop support and command-line arguments, which you can find in the documentation.

The fastest calibrator ever

Cavern's automatic calibrator, QuickEQ, sets up any cinema standard calibration in even under a second per channel. With advanced features, like impulse response windowing and multi-microphone measurement, the audio quality resulting from using any other automatic calibrators, including most cinema processors, can easily be surpassed, even with a single microphone.

A gift to cinemas

Cavern has a Theatre mode made specifically for large rooms, including cinemas. In Theatre mode, every listener gets the same audio experience, no matter where they are in the room. You can experience Theatre mode in your home with the Cavern configuration application. No matter what audio equipment you have, Cavern will work with it. Cinemas are no exception. You only have to move some speakers in the room and configure Cavern accordingly. It can even move the sweet spot based on where listeners sit. And it's free. Check out the Cavern minisite for more info.

Version guide

- Cavern driver: setup utility, QuickEQ, demo, and fully featured converter
- Cavernize GUI: decode Dolby Digital Plus Atmos content to PC channel layouts
- Cavern Splitter VST: ultra low latency channel height generator for system-wide real time use
- Cavernize for FFmpeg: audio upconversion automator for FFmpeg, including Cavernize Lite, a fast and compact version of the Cavern converter from the driver
- CavernizeRT: advanced, but high latency channel height generator


19th February 2016.


2nd December 2022.


Cavern Driver 1.6
Licence: free (private)

Cavernize 1.6
Licence: free (Cavern API)

Cavern Remote 1.0
Licence: free (open)

Cavern Splitter VST 1.0
Licence: free (private)

CavernizeRT 1.0.3
Licence: free (private)

Cavern API 1.6
Licence: free (Cavern API)

Cavern minisite