Elfland is an online role-playing game in a fantasy world with lots of adventure. Follow the storyline, prepare for battles with various creatures and players, do lots of quests, go to work, join a clan, and be the best!

Experience, level, and gold

The game's contents are seperated into levels. Your character's level is depending on its earned experience (EXP). You can earn EXP by beating monsters or completing quests. Quests, battles, and jobs also gives you gold, what you can use to buy new armor items.

Armor, weapons, and shields

You will need equipment to fight. You have to protect yourself with armor items, such as helmet, chest, gloves, and boots. You also have to deal damage and protection against incoming attacks. The weapons and shields are made for this. Visit the market, where you can found all the items. You can unlock more items after you level up. All items have their own stats. They can increase the damage you deal, your absorbation from hits, your health, or your block chance. They get better with every level, but they have their cost.


You can fight against the agressive creatures of Eternia (where the game takes place), or against the cadatus (the opposing faction). You decide what you want to fight with. You can unlock new, and more powerful creatures on every level. The give more exp and more gold, or special creatures, such as cadutus leaders, drop special items you can't find in the market. You can fight against players too.


You can work, if you don't want to do anything in the following hours. The jobs can't be interrupted, you have to wait until they end. The jobs don't give you experience, but you can earn some money. The works are good if you can't do anything else for a long time.


Fight through the story, and free Eternia. Complete all quests, to save the planet, and earn the bigest rewards in the game. You can unlock a story quest every level, and earn big. If you don't have a story quest, just do some freelancer quests. They are about beating monsters in fights and finishing jobs.


You can access social features in Elfland. You can have your own profile page with a personalized section, and you can browse other players' pages. Play well, and rule the ranking boards, be one of the best. Join into a clan, earn points for your clan by battle wins, and increase your clan's rank on the clan leaderboards.

The adventure doesn't stop here, Elfland has much more other and new features, which could help you on your journey. Use spells or the weather for your advancement, or try your luck with lucky bags.


2nd October 2011.


17th July 2015.