Small programs for special needs. The reselling prohibitive licence applies for all downloads.



Spleeter to Multichannel Converts a stereo song or movie audio track separated by Deezer Spleeter to 7.1 surround sound. Download
ReFrame Launches a media player at the desired screen location for the associated file. Download
Surround Wiring Calculator Calculates optimal wirings for multiple speakers connected to a single amplifier, which is most common in the cinema. Download
Matchmaker Fair, skill- and teamwork-based matchmaking for online multiplayer games. Source
SharpCat Concatenates C# files in a folder. Download
Value Calculator Compares prices by value, and tells you the best. Open
Mass Image Converter Converts, rescales, and compresses an entire folder of images. Download
Auto-Clicker It clicks. For as long and as fast as you want. Download
SCH Mosógépkém Sound warning when a washing machine becomes available at my dorm. Download
Photo Size Tells the image resolution from megapixels and aspect ratio. Open
InstaStart Open the Start menu or screen by moving the mouse to the bottom left corner. Download
Subtitle Slider Custom timer offset for SubRip (.srt) files. Download